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DRUMCADEMY aims to be an open and honest music school. We want to ensure that applies to our prices, too.


Some music schools may like to attract your attention with glossy adverts and catchy soundbites but their website doesn't mention their cost anywhere. They then hit you with a huge lesson fee when you're signing up.

Considering DRUMCADEMY is a small, independent drum school, we know cost plays a big part for both students and parents. We want you to know exactly what you'll pay for lessons BEFORE you sign up for them. Call us old fashioned, but we think that's sensible!

DRUMCADEMY also offers the ability to spread the cost of lessons over the whole calendar year, making things more affordable. See the details below!

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These are DRUMCADEMY's standard prices. After having frozen our prices for half a decade, we've now had to adjust them slightly to reflect our increased costs. This will help us continue to provide the best drum tuition on the Wirral, invest in our facilities and equipment, and continue great initiatives such as DRUMFEST.


Prices from 4th September 2023:

30 MINUTES                               £19.00

45 MINUTES                               £25.50

1 HOUR                                       £30.00

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At DRUMCADEMY, we know that learning to play an instrument isn't always cheap. Because of this, all our block-booked lessons can be paid for either as a one-off upfront payment or in instalments, so you can manage your money how you want to. You can also book for a whole year and spread the payments out over 12 equal monthly payments - meaning you don't get any surprises of a longer month! 

If you opt to pay weekly, this can be done using card, cash or standing order.

Please ask about standing order details and schedules if you wish to spread the cost of the term out this way and we'll be happy to assist.

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